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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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pear to have been directed by i.s.i.s. or i.s.i.l but saw himself as a sympathizer with them. at one point in the criminal complaint that was filed, the f.b.i. agent who arrested him said he he said "we've already got a thumbs up from our brothers over there and anwar al-awlaki from his martyr dom and many others. he made it clear the attacks he al-waki he wrote i believe we should meet up and make our own group up in alliance with the islamic state. so a lot more to learn about this. so far as far as we know, only this man has been fingered by the government. whether they goes beyond that we'll find out as the investigation proceeds. there will be more about all this on your local news on this cbs station, on our 24 hour digital news network cbsn all available on all devices at
5:01 pm this is bob schieffer at cbs news headquarters in new york. we'll see you later on the evening news. you've been watching wusa9 news at 5:00 seeing that breaking news coverage from cbs. we'll keep following this alleged plot on the capitol and bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. we are following another big breaking story right now. [ bells ] >> three people injured after an explosion in falls church at the eden center mall on wilson boulevard at 3:30. crews discovered smoke billowing from the building. surae chinn joins us live from the scene with the very latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: we've just learned those three people who were transported to the hospital have nonlife threatening injuries, so a bit of good news. we also know that falls church fire marshal has just arrived on scene trying to figure out what caused this explosion.
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we also know that the explosion happened at the princess diamonds jewelry store. as i step out and zoom in here, you can see that the glass is blown out from that jewelry store. you can see glass and also the door as well has some damage just off to the mall entrance. this is a very popular vietnamese shopping center. as you enter, it's like a little mini mall, but for sure there were lots of people who were scared who were shopping and working inside. >> i saw a lot of smoke happening and people are just watching to see what happened. the door were all blasted. >> reporter: jackie lam captured cell phone video shortly after the explosion. sirens went off as smoke filled the air. >> i heard the noise, a loud boom. >> reporter: dwen ho owns a deli 15 feet from the jewelry store and was having coffee next-door when he heard the explosion around 2:20 this
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afternoon. parts of the ceiling started falling down around him. he grabbed his jacket and ran outside. >> very scared. i tell you very scared for everybody inside. >> reporter: now the people injured we're learning have cuts and burns to their body. we also know that this princess diamonds store has been around for 20 plus years. i just talked with the senior vp of the eden center. he gives his best and he feels obviously pretty upset about the whole thing because he knows the family personally. what we understand from him and some business owners is that the owner's daughter was one of the injured, but we understand also that the three are going to be fine and okay and obviously going to be rehabilitated and also recovering from those burns and cuts. we also know again the fire marshal is working on a cause of this explosion and as far as
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we know, preliminarily they say this was accidental. back to you. >> thank you. there are still no clear answers tonight on why scores of people were left trapped in a smoky metro tunnel monday until many of them were overcome and one of them died. d.c.'s congressional delegate says the ntsb is promising some explanation next week and more details within 30 days. bruce leshan is live at l'enfant plaza with the latest. >> reporter: metro has now collected all the belongings that people left behind on that trapped train and those passengers can now go to metro headquarters and pick up their stuff, about what neither metro nor d.c. fire, nor the ntsb is offering yet is an explanation of how smoke in the tunnel, something that happens fairly frequently, could spiral so far out of control. >> please stay calm. get off the platform at had
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enfant plaza right now -- at l'enfant plaza right now as we spook. >> reporter: from the video on the trap the train you can hear video from the operator telling passengers he had to wait for another train to clear the station before he could pull in and unload, but that never happened. >> imagine being trapped underground in a tunnel underground and being told you can't get out to get some air. totally unacceptable. >> reporter: metro deals with smoke in its tunnels scores of time every year and it has repeatedly had problems getting people out. d.c. fire sources say the initial call for help said nothing about passengers trapped inside. under pressure from congress, the ntsb is promising a briefing next week. >> that's important because we got to know now what do we have to do to keep this from happening again and we don't ow kn enough.
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>> you ready? >> reporter: investigators suspect the crisis start with a short in the third rail or its supply lines arcing not so different from what is used by arc welders to put together bridges and skyscrapers. if you had some kind of rubber insulation touching that, what would lap with that? >> it would -- happen with that? >> it would obviously burn right off. >> reporter: at iron workers local 5's apprentice school they use 40 volts and up to a couple hundred amps. metro's third rail is powered by 750 volts and unlimited amps. >> smoke detector at home compared to your oven. >> reporter: now the anonymous blogger behind unsuckd.c.metro showed pictures on how to handle smoke in the tunnels from the 2010 protocol and it operated the protocol that train operators back up to the
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nearest station if they can and if they cannot, to shut off the ac and drive through the smoke to the nearest station. we just do not know why that did not happen here. >> those are critical answers all of us are waiting for. coming up at 6:00 we'll introduce you to another survivor of the metro tragedy who was able to record the entire incident as it unfolded. thousands of kids stayed home from school today when 38 area school districts canceled due to weather. it seemed like the opposite approach to what happened last week when schools stayed open in a snowstorm and today little snow fell. peggy fox looks into the decision to close fairfax county schools today. >> reporter: fcps caught the wrath of parents and students when they stayed open in that snowstorm last week and then later schools closed because 75 buses wouldn't start in that frigid day. today's decision was all about the forecast. >> terrible. they should have opened today. >> reporter: thousands of
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school buses sat parked today on dry pavement, just a dusting of snow falling, not even enough for all those idle plow trucks to touch. >> i am from switzerland. so i don't understand it. >> reporter: today's decision to close schools has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> devastating. the weather is devastating as you can see. i've got my hood up. >> reporter: some fairfax kids were happy deciding that they were owed one from last tuesday when schools stayed open despite a storm that caused dangerous slick road conditions. cars and buses skidded off the ice. some people wound up in hospitals. >> two different days, two totally different outcomes. >> reporter: goeff plattenburg is the guy who makes the call for fairfax county schools. it looked like a repeat of last tuesday. >> it did. >> reporter: he said when he made the call to close, 3 inches of snow was predicted with it tapering off at noon, but it was over by 8 a.m.
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>> a parent called me and gave me their feedback. they said at least you've got a better record than the redskins at 4-2. i told them that's not the bar that we hold. >> reporter: you can't win. >> with the weather gods, they've been against us. >> it's a tough decision. i know they have to go with the information they have at the time. so i prefer my kids to be in school. i understand. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. last week they got slammed for keeping them open, slammed for closing them today. they can't win. >> we can't admonish them for making the kids safe. i do take issue about what jeff said who called for 3 inches? we kept saying east of 95 and south of route 50. the bull's eye was south and east of town. we only called for 1 to 2 inches. almost an inch in lutzby and
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national about .2-inch. those are the comments that get me going because i don't know what forecast they use to make these decisions. they're not ours. they're probably publicly funded private forecasts that are often not quite as good as our forecasts. futurecast 8:00 tonight, 33 downtown, everybody else upper 20s. what fell won't melt. still slick roads south and east of town. late tonight want to walk spanky, you can, temperatures in the mid-20s. looking ahead quiet and seasonable finish to the week. it's time to wash the car. mild early over the weekend, but a cold front approaches. we'll talk about the possibility of showers turning to snow showers sunday night. prince william county police are investigating a possible abduction. a witness tells police she saw a young girl forced into a four- door gray sedan in front of a home on kenton circle in dumfries. the vehicle took off. so far there have been no reports of missing people. police are conducting an extensive search of the area. 10 people are dead after a
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prison bust tumbled off -- bus touched off an embankment and onto a train passing by below between abilene and el paso. eight are dead, five others injured. icy roads appear to be to blame. a washington post reporter declined in iran has been indicted. jason razizian will now face trial for charges that have not been disclosed, but the court where the trial will be held usually deals with security offenses. the reporter who holds both dual american and iranian citizenship has been held since july last year. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a montgomery county murder mystery is solved 12 years later. debra alfarone brings us the story of drugs, a music mogul and a double identity.
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>> last night he was in jail. today he's back to work for the start of virginia's legislative session. the bizarre story of joe morrissey coming up. >> right after the break a new claim of responsibility in the paris newspaper at
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among the school closured today southern maryland, but the decisions -- closures today southern maryland, but the decisions there were more controversial because they have more snow. scott broom has tracked this from his mobile newsroom and is life now in waldorf. >> reporter: i am. i'm monitoring the homecoming rush hour tonight on route 301 and acton lane, no problems at
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all. it snows in some places and not others. here in southern maryland in charles county and st. mary's county it does snow, at least enough to cancel school, but millimeters is all it takes for the wheels of my mobile newsroom suv to skid, slip and slide when driving on untreated side streets and there were plenty of those here in charles county and farther south in st. mary's county this morning and very little controversy here on the decision to close schools. >> i think it's a good idea, real good idea. >> once it starts snow doing you know when it's going to stop? >> no, we don't, so to protect the children and the people let them stay home. >> reporter: and give school custodians a chance to make it right. >> i had to shovel snow, clean these sidewalks and hopefully tomorrow we'll have school. >> reporter: st. mary's county's amish county, as usual, out and about today making picturesque scenes on icy back roads and on highways
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like route 5 where horses shared the road with salt trucks today. commuters had very little trouble with all. this the worst of it? snowy shoulders and a bit of slush on route 301. of course, all of this disappeared by about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. all said and done, the snow here a little heavier than the powdered sugar on a donut closer to the city. had the snow come at a different time perhaps they wouldn't have closed schools here, but that's what they decided to do and it certainly was slick enough early this morning to do it. live from the mobile newsroom scott broom, wusa9. >> powdered sugar on the donuts. we like to eat our donuts, but we don't like that on the roads. >> it didn't take a whole lot for his car to slide. >> it never does. the great call for the school systems, the fairfax county guy, it just kills me, who is they predicting 3 inches?
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i want to know where he got that forecast. >> you didn't predict that. >> i don't think anybody locally did. i think it goes to private forecasters that we're paying for if you live in fairfax county and they make the decision off that which is sometimes i.e., tuesday and a week ago, too. you don't need snow days for a while. a quiet finish to the week and milder weekend before the next front slams through on sunday. let's look at this picture i tweeted out, st. mary's college. they had about 1 1/2 inches. scott strickland sent this in. it's a gorgeous picture, gorgeous college if you've never been there. it's spectacular. let's talk about temperatures. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, clouds are hanging tough. temperatures are still 33 downtown. most everybody else is below freezing. dew point is very low, winds north, northwest at 8. at least we're not dealing with wind
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chills, but clouds will hang tough , so no melting tonight. bus stop temperatures 22 to 32. seasonable on thursday, sun returning and pleasant friday, but it will be breezy. so temperatures, it will be the warmest day of the week, but the breezes may make it feel a bit on the cool side. futurecast, 10:00 tonight temps in the 20s, walk the dog. i think the futurecast is clearing us out too fast, but i agree with the temperatures generally in the upper 20s across the board. by 6 a.m. mid-20s in gaithersburg, leesburg 27, 26 manassas, 26 la plata, 28 into fredericksburg. by midmorning back around freezing downtown, upper 20s to around 30 in the suburbs. by 1:00 walk to lunch, it will be comfortable because there won't be any wind, temperatures near 40 downtown, upper 30s in the suburbs, exactly average
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this time of year. by 5:00 temps start going down a little, mid-30s north and west, 39 downtown, 38 in manassas. by 9:30 temperatures fall below freezing again in the suburbs and hold in the mid-30s downtown. so for tonight clouds hang tough, mostly cloudy, cold, low temps in the 20s, upper 20s downtown, low to mid-20s in the burbs. by morning skies return partly cloudy and cold, 22 to 36, winds start to turn west, northwest at 10 and then by afternoon now the winds are west, southwest, a good sign. that will get us milder air by the end of the week. high temperature 38 to 42, average for this time of year. we really can't complain about that. 30 in oakland, finally make it out of the 20s in oakland, 37 in cumberland, upper 30s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, 41 cull plate arks 39 to 40 in warn -- la plata,
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39 to 40 in winchester, hagerstown and martinsburg. day planner, 31 at 7:00, 32 at 9:00. downtown we're still at freezing. 36 at 11:00, 39 with sunshine at 1 p.m. next three days pleasant but breezy on friday, good finish to the week, 44 and pleasant saturday, mid-40s. next seven days a front is coming through sunday. i moved the timing up. showers could get in here in the afternoon and the showers could change to snow showers as colder air moves in late sunday night, cold monday, seasonable tuesday, cold wednesday. if you're going to the caps game tonight, prepare for 20s. the new edition of the french newspaper charlie hebdo sold out before dawn one week after the terrorists stole the company's office killing 12 people. an al-qaeda leader now claims responsibility for the attack. >> reporter: newspaper vendors
5:21 pm
in paris told some people to come back tomorrow when they'll have more copies of the survivor's edition of charlie hebdo. 5million combs are being printed of the satirical magazine, 2 million more than planned, to honor 12 people killed 1 week ago when islamic militants stormed the newsroom. >> they told me they are publishing day by day, but they want everyone who wants to have one who will have one. >> reporter: this week's cover is already drawing criticism from conservative muslims. it shows the cartoon of the prophet muhammad crying holding a sign saying i am charlie. this muslim says you can say what you want, but don't claim the prophet. last week's massacre was called revenge for the prophet. it was said al-qaeda's chief
5:22 pm
leader ordered the attack and financed the operation. authorities have ordered a crackdown on hate speech, anti- semitism and glorifying terrorism in a country still on edge after three days of terror leaving 17 people dead. tina kraus, cbs news. it's a spin on an old scam, but this time thieves are preying on caregivers looking for work. we're going to tell you everything you need to know to protect yourself. >> right after the break why a nascar driver thinks his ex- girl friend is a trained assassin.
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so is the ex-girl friend of nascar driver kurt busch a claimed assassin? busch claims patricia driscoll has been on missions around the world and came back in a blood soaked gown. driscoll has a qureest for a no contact order claiming busch attacked her at international speedway last year. we got a wusa9 call for action heads up for caregivers.
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there are sites trying to find a gomaod tch for other families, but scammers have put on a new spin with an old third party scheme. somebody replies to your listing, ask you to accept certain equipment or care to take care of their child or loved one and then they offer to send you a check with a little something extra in it, but you're supposed to transfer that extra money to a third party using western union or money gram. sound fishy? it is. if you've been asked to do this, don't. report the incident to companies like western union and money gram by using our wusa9 app. u.s. retail sales data sent stocks is piling downward a fourth straight day -- spiraling downward a fourth straight day of losses. the dow down almost 187 points. the nasdaq lost 22 points. the consumer product safety commission is recalling 169,000 ikea visa style crib mattresses saying that babies can become entrapped in the gaps between
5:27 pm
the mattress and crib ends. the company has received reports of two babies caught in those large gaps. you want to put your fingers in between the gaps to check that it's not more than 2 fingers wide and if it is, stop using that mattress immediately and return it to ikea for a full refund. pregnant, unwed and fired, a church canned a mom from her job at a local daycare. >> reporter: house republicans vote to undo president obama's act on immigration setting up a confrontation at the white house. that's coming up. >> reporter: another man right here at this housing complex in front of his 11-year-old daughter more than a
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it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. it's got all the makings of a murder mystery movie. you've got a double identity, a music mogul, drugs and murder, but it's the real life story one montgomery county woman has lived more than 12 years. debra alfarone joins us live from silver spring with how a daughter brought her father's killer to justice, what a story. >> reporter: it really is. it happened here in november of 2002. a man walks up and shoots another man, killed him all while that victim's 11-year-old daughter watches right here. more than a dozen years later that suspect is behind bars charged with murder and even more.
5:31 pm
>> i'm good. i got to be. i'm good. >> reporter: you're listening to phone calls between 39-year- old now convicted murderer clement reynolds and a witness he was charged with intimidating to back his alibi. >> i'm just waiting for them to come get me, but they haven't come and got me yet. >> reporter: it was november, 2002. prosecutors say reynolds traveled from new york to maryland to shoot wesley king over drug money. when reynolds got to the hampton point apartments in silver spring, they say he shot king dead in front of king's deliver-year-old daughter nickesha. then 12 years passed. >> he got a new identity through seemingly underground networks to get a new passport and took on the name and persona of dennis graham and he used that name and that identity to develop a career as a music promoter and seemed to attain a certain level of success.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: that's the reggae sound of 21st digital distribution. during those 12 years prosecutors had evidence including the cell phone left at the scene that led back to reynolds, plus one very compelling eyewitness, nickesha king. >> it was her eyewitness testimony. it was her convincing story of what happened all those years ago that convinced jurors largely to convict this individual. >> reporter: now reynolds does face life in prison. if y why did it take more than a dozen years to get this guy, cops aren't talking about that right now. they say they're working on another case. this could possibly be tied to that. you know they try to keep those cases sealed. nickesha king has asked for her privacy. debra alfarone, wusa9. right now nasa is trying to figure out what triggered an alarm on the international space station which indicated there was a possible ammonia leak. the u.s. portion of the iss was
5:33 pm
evacuated as a result and after spending most of the day in the russian side of the iss the u.s. astronauts are on the u.s. side. at this point nasa believes there has been no leak and that the alarm was just a faulty sensor. the virginia legislature begin its 2015 session with a lawmaker who is required to spend his nights in jail. joe morrissey recaptured his county seat last night. just as he was returning to his cell the democrat turned independent resigned from office last month after pleading guilty to delinquency of a minor. the charges stem from his relationship with his 17-year- old receptionist. his hurdles are far from over. >> i have a feeling people are going to be trying to oust you, your legislature colleagues. >> i'll address that. it's like a wrestling tournament. you wrestle one match at a time. >> morrissey's former receptionist is now pregnant.
5:34 pm
prosecutors say he could be the father. the bachelor already has three other children by three different women. an unwed pregnant mom has been fired from her job at a church's daycare in virginia. >> it's a story many of you have been reading about on facebook today. april kellum said she was given an ultimatum, set a wedding day with your fiance this week or else and there was no date set. the church fired her on monday. >> i want to wait to have all our family and friends there and have a big wedding. i don't want to just go to the courthouse and have someone marry us. >> they're calling us judgmental and they don't know us and our heart and that we're not trying to be hurtful. we're just following our personnel handbook which is rooted in our statement of faith and our biblical beliefs. >> april says she never received or signed that handbook and was not aware of the policy until recently.
5:35 pm
republican lawmakers on capitol hill moved 1 step closer to confrontation with president obama over immigration. the house of representatives rolled a series of amendments into the funding bill for the department of homeland security aimed squarely at reversing the president's act on funding immigration. >> reporter: the house approved a $40 billion bill funding the department of homeland security. the republicans attached a seer reese of amendments to reverse -- series of amendments to reverse president obama's act on immigration. >> we will keep our act to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america. >> reporter: the bill prohibits spending on the president's policy to temporarily halt deportation of millions of undocumented workers. lawmakers narrowly voted to reverse the president's 2012 action granting work permits and protection from deportation for so-called dreamers brought to the u.s. illegally as children. >> as they paddle their mallets
5:36 pm
about immigrants, they put our national security at risk. >> reporter: funding for the homeland security department expires february 27th and president obama promised to veto the house bill if it gets to his desk. outside the capitol protesters greeted republicans leaving town for an annual retreat. >> this is just a first step of a long process. so i think it's premature to say. >> reporter: where does it go now? >> to the senate. see if it can pass. >> reporter: it will need 60 votes for senate approval. republicans admit that is unlikely and will likely face the issue again when they return to washington. >> with passage in the senate unlikely republicans say they will use their retreat to discuss their next step if the bill dies in the senate. coming up we'll have more on that much maligned silver spring transit center, why this debacle is costing you even more money in
5:37 pm
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two climbers are expected to complete an epic feat this evening, the first free climb up a 1/2-mile wall in california's yosemite national park. kevin jorgenson and tommy caldwell spent the last two weeks clinging to the side of
5:40 pm
yosemite's massive el capitan. they hope to become the first to scale this 2nd of rock without the help of equipment -- section of rock without the help of equipment. the caldwell family has been watching below. >> we're at a point where this is really going to lap, but we won't feel the immenseness -- happen, but we won't feel the immenseness of it until they hit the top. >> photographer tom evans has taken more than a quarter million photographs of climbers and he's even scaled el capitan himself five times. jorgenson and caldwell spent seven years planning and testing just how to get up there with just their safety equipment. a whale of a tale from hawaii, tourists near maui received more than they bargained for when this 50-foot whale rammed their tour boat. the impact moved the 27-foot boat about 4 feet. the tour company said it followed state law and stopped the boat about 150 yards away when it spotted the first
5:41 pm
whale. the ceo thinks the female whale was keeping tabs on her calf and didn't notice the boat there. you have been seeing this all over social media sites, a dog riding by herself on a bus in seattle. >> apparently she's got a very good internal gps. this is eclipse, a black lab bull mastiff mix. she often roams the aisles looking for a seat. she's got an owner who takes her to a dog park, but sometimes the bus gets there before the owner is done smoking a cigarette, so eclipse gets on herself. she even knows where to stop. her owner says he just catches the next bus and meet her at the park. >> i love it. >> that's good stuff. >> he's got to finish that cigarette first. the dog is like forget you. coming up tonight's maryland/rutgers basketball game has a special twist to it. dave owens will explain in a minute. >> coming up next see how new technology is giving stroke patients hope to
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[cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
5:44 pm
in tonight's health alert new technology continues to give stroke patients options to recover. >> as andrea roane shows us the new fda improved devices
5:45 pm
helping patients get a grip. >> reporter: janet johnson is a stroke survivor. after years of traditional hand therapy, she said she had little to show for it. >> i couldn't write very well or type and i was a super fast type ofist before. >> reporter: johnson heard about a device -- typist before. >> reporter: johnson heard about a device called the music glove. >> you have notes coming at you. >> reporter: the glove has sensors that track a mover's hand movements which is key to regaining neurological function in the hand after a stroke. >> you want to practice doing the things that are like the things you want to be able too do in your daily life. >> reporter: re-- to do in your daily life. >> reporter: researchers found those using the glove made more progress than traditional stroke exercises gaining 20 to 30% more motor function. can only move a bean left to right so many times. if they're not driven and motivated, they probably won't follow through and change. >> reporter: parents reported
5:46 pm
the ability to open doors, wash dishes and use silverware. johnson was typing two weeks after testing the glove. >> it's not tedious. it's not boring. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: she's now using her hand more than she of thought possible. andrea roane -- she ever thought possible. andrea roane, wusa9. >> researchers say repetition is one of the most important factors for regaining hand function and music is naturally repetitive. a new study on breast cancer shows white women are more likely to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, but black women are twice as likely to die from the disease, that study in the journal of the american medical association that looks at nearly 375,000 women with breast cancer. the authors say while some of this can be attributed to race and socioeconomics, they need more research to better understand the results. research out of britain shows the more people work, the more they drink. experts look the at 300,000 men and women who work more than 48
5:47 pm
hours a week and found 11% were likely to drink too much. for women that was more than 14 alcoholic drinks each week and for men 21. researchers say risky drinking is associated with many diseases and regulating those work hours could actually equate to a public health intervention. so you've heard of candy crush and angry birds, right? >> play them both. you? >> oh, no. >> they're all addicting. >> i heard. >> remember this name. short order slim. it is the latest app game invented by a teen who is set to make waves in the world of gaming apps. the 19-year-old college student started a mobile gaming company in his bedroom when he was 16. now he's a sophomore at university of northern colorado and he's already taking the entrepreneurial instinct to the next level. >> the company is made up of really, really talented colorado students and eventually three years later we put all those skills together and were able to finally launch our app. >> i cannot play another game
5:48 pm
on my phone, i'm sorry, too much. it's already gotten 700 downloads so far. the app is avaie lablon iphones and ipads. he hopes it will be available for android devices soon. know on the go. text radar to 25543 and download the weather app. >> do you know what? every day i check my facebook page and there's another invitation to play a game and that's just not happening if you know me. >> i picture you going home playing your playstation, lesli. i can't imagine. >> jan, you really know me. >> she always gets the latest ones. you think derek plays one? she doesn't. we are looking at temperatures below freezing tonight and a quiet finish to the week thursday and friday and a warmer weekend. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. temperature 33 downtown, but it's kind of an aberration, everybody else upper 20s to
5:49 pm
around 30. dew point low 20s, pretty dry air mass, indication we'll fall well below freezing tonight. wind light out of the north, northwest at 8, so no wind chill tonight. some silver lining. clouds will hang tough, no melting with temperatures in the 20s. bus stop temperatures 22 to 32, thankfully no wind to worry about. seasonable thursday. the sun will return tomorrow and then friday very pleasant breezy, another cold front approaching, southwesterly winds 10 to 15. futurecast 10:00 tonight temperatures in the 20s. d.c. is still 33. prepare for these if you're going to the caps game tonight, dress for the 20s, walk the dog tonight, figure on the 20s. 27 gaithersburg, 28 in manassas and la plata. by morning temperatures mid- 20s. i think gaithersburg may be
5:50 pm
more like 23 or 24, 26 or 27 in leesburg, 25 or so in manassas, around 30 to 29 downtown. by 9:00 even d.c. is only 32, everybody else well below freezing. it's going to be a cold start but not much wind tomorrow. it's kind of a silver lining. 1:00 temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40, not much wind, lot of sunshine, nice day to walk to lunch. by evening temps will fall, not like a rock. we'll be in the mid-30s north of town by 5:00 on futurecast, 36 down toward la plata, 38 in manassas. by 10:00 tomorrow night not quite as cold, no 20s, plenty of low 30s, 31 gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas, low 30s to mid-30s downtown. 20 mostly cloudy, cold, nothing crazy, temperatures in the 20s, winds northwest at 10. by morning clouds move out, skies return
5:51 pm
cold, 22 to 36, light winds. by afternoon partly cloudy, not as cold, pretty good day, about all we can ask for in january, 38 to 42, winds west, southwest at 10. wind turn eventually southwesterly tomorrow night and -- winds turn eventually southwesterly tomorrow night and friday. that will help warm us up a bit. oakland 30 tomorrow, 37 cumberland, upper 30s hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester just shy of 40. low 40s in culpeper and either side of 40 for manassas and warrenton and leesburg and reston and mclean, 39 to 40, 40 downtown, 39 rockville and gaithersburg, around 40 la plata and down toward st. mary's city, about 41 in annapolis and there's not a small craft advisory. so on the day planner 31 at 7:00. these are downtown temps. 32 at 9:00, 36 at 11:00, full sun by 1:00, temperatures near 40, pretty good day. next three days, a great finish to the week, a little breezy,
5:52 pm
44 and pleasant saturday, temperature 46. i may have to knock that down a little, still a lot of sunshine on saturday. if you want to plan outdoor activities this weekend, pick saturday and not sunday. cold front comes through sun again, rain or snow showers possible, especially late into the when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game.
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by xfinity. >> welcome back. you attend tonight's maryland/rutgers basketball game, i want you to stick around at halftime. the marketing geniuses at college park have found a way to spark up this match-up with big 10 newlyweds. you take some local couples and add a 1960s game show and you've got yourself a promotion. take a look. maryland and rutgers, the big 10 newlyweds have met once, advantage knights. tonight basketballushers in round 2 but this with a twist. maryland will host its own classic version of the show. >> here come the newlyweds. >> by inviting local new welds to see how much -- newlyweds to see how much they really know about their partners. >> she goes once a week, but she should go more. >> he's my best friend. we both have a love for
5:56 pm
maryland. >> i'll say. they were married this past november at university of maryland chapel. the reception was a doozy, a father-in-law decked out in his maryland jacket. >> i've never seen him so excited. it was big. >> these young lovers would be a shoe-in to win the 1960s verse or my version from 2015. >> reporter: what is the one habit about him that annoys you the most? >> his inability to tell time. >> guarantee you that i'm always late and she actually -- it's my standard time always about half an hour to an hour later than i actually say. >> reporter: bingo. the two met at a maryland/duke game in 2010. a romance was born and the terps upset the blue devils. >> i thought she loved my text messages because of how witty i
5:57 pm
was. she said it was because she was so excited maryland won. >> that's good stuff. we also asked cassie what annoyed her the most about her hubby. she says he needs to do more general cleaning around the house. it's just like any woman, right? he got that right, too. coming up we'll deal with another basketball team, the wizards back to back hoops on the menu in chicago tonight. we will have a preview. in silver spring, maryland, the bill for a major transit project, the silver spring transit center, just went up another $21 million. >> county leaders voted on this yesterday. they're dishing out the money to get all this stuff done. stephanie ramirez joins us now. you know what? you're a montgomery county resident as are both of us. so does this mean our taxes are going up now? >> reporter: not on this, but these are taxpayers' dollars here. councilman leventhal says $16.7 million from appropriated funds they're using as well as
5:58 pm
chesting another 5 million from other -- shifting another 5 million from other delayed construction projects using that to come up with the $21 million approved to finally finish this transit center, but it's not all balloon and celebrations just yet. >> my concerns reflect my constituents' concerns. this has taken longer than world war ii. >> reporter: frustrated is an understatement for montgomery county councilman george leventhal. today he met me outside the transit center affirming finally almost seven years after ground breaking and serious delays -- >> the center is going to be fixed. it's going to be safe and open to the public. >> reporter: by this may leventhal says, but the structure has been sitting there for so long some didn't believe it. >> i think they should definitely tear it down and replace it with something more productive for the use of this area. >> we don't know what's happening. >> i think it's a shame that it's taken so long. it's too bad they don't use mediation to solve this crisis. it does seem as if the contractor didn't do the job. >> reporter: the contractor, the consultants, the design
5:59 pm
engineers, the county's department of general services director david dice says they're all responsible for issues that included weaker support beams and cracks throughout the multi-level structure, but dice tells me the county is still using the same general contractor to finish the job. >> you're all in agreement through various forms of agreement that we will not fight over these issues and argue those issues and we're going to focus instead on settling and finishing this project. had we opened it without doing the work that we were doing, it would have been unsafe, less durable and we would have had to shift it down or someone would have had to shut it down within a few year after opening. imagine the frustration and confusion that that would result in. >> reporter: councilman leventhal says once the project is completed they will go after the responsible party in court. scrapping the project was not an option he said because there were federal funds involved.
6:00 pm
if the county did scrap it, they would have to pay back the loss and funds used. this is bruce johnson, curtis mosey, coming up you'll hear his account and see his video on the disaster the l'enfant. >> reporter: a local family outraged it's being investigated by child protective services for neglect. i'll tell you why the parents are being questioned. we begin tonight with breaking news of a foiled terrorist plot on capitol hill. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. the man's name, christopher cornell, from ohio arrested for the attempted killing of a u.s. government officer and possession of a firearm in the further answer of attempted violence. the plot was to attack the u.s. capitol and it include guns and bombs and was stopped


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